How Animation can help tell your story

Animation is a brilliant way to deliver concise and creative messaging. Whether it’s for online advertising, branded content, commercials, explainer videos, social platforms or internal corporate films – the beauty of animating is that it makes complex subject matters simple to understand.  

Brand-wise it’s a perfect way to reflect a specific brand image. You may wish to create an animated character that become a brand ambassador or, by simply utilising company colours and design elements, it’s possible to create an image and visual identity that’s unique to your brand.

Social Media 2D GIF

Sometimes it can be difficult in making creative ideas a reality using live action video. Animation offers an alternative to be able to leverage scenes, stories, places and characters that can be difficult to portray in real life, whether that’s for budgetary reasons or otherwise.

It also offers advantages for international brand campaigns. Animated films can easily, and cost effectively, be repurposed with different language voice overs for use in different countries. This enables just one film to reach multiple countries simply by changing the video voice over to match the target demographic.

There are many types of animating that can be used to help tell your story such as; 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, motion graphics, whiteboard animations and animated explainer videos. All of these can be used as either standalone fully animated films or integrated with live action video as required. 

Whether you need to convey and abstract idea in a clear way or simply make a mundane subject seem interesting, animation is a superbly versatile medium to use, offering unlimited possibilities without constraints.


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