What is Branded Content and how can it help your business?

Branded video content is a proven way to connect with consumers as an alternative to traditional advertising methods. Consumers can easily become fatigued and blind to yet another brand advertisement telling them why they need to buy this product and how it’ll change their life. Branded content offers an entirely different viewer experience.

The reason that consumers respond well to branded content is because they feel that its content that connects with them on a personal level – as opposed to a sales pitch aimed at everyone – subconsciously creating trust and a sense of brand loyalty from the consumer.

Branded Content Megaphone Shouting

To give an idea about the fundamental principles of good branded content, take a look at Red Bull. The chances are you may not have seen a traditional advert on TV advertising their product, yet you feel you know what the brand is and what it represents.

You may have been exposed to them through seeing the Red Bull Soapbox races, the Red Bull Air Races or the Red Bull Freeride competitions. Maybe you remember their Red Bull Stratos project where Felix Baumgartner jumped from a helium balloon on the edge of space and freefell to earth at supersonic speeds? 

Not to mention their involvement with their own teams in Formula 1, Moto GP, Football, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Sailing, Skateboarding and their own TV channel of course! And that’s only scratching the surface.

All of the above gives them a platform to generate a huge amount of video content and brand awareness. Not video content in the traditional sense talking about their drinks, but rather, video content showcasing their sports teams, their athletes and personalities.

It allows them to associate their brand with the type of sports, people and events that represent their values as a company. By doing this they’re activating people to invest in their product and brand through the emotional connections that this creates rather than traditional product-based advertising. 

Another example is the Lego Movie. Maybe the longest branded content advert in history! Clearly the Lego characters (i.e. the actual product) features prominently throughout.

However, it goes beyond that. It’s an uplifting story of being true to yourself, using imagination, creativity and innovation to overcome the odds. The viewer, whether they realise it or not, is subconsciously associating Lego with these values.

After watching this film, both children and adults alike will connect with the Lego brand on an emotional level – no longer seeing it as just a plastic yellow product that comes in a box. 

This is the whole point of branded video content vs traditional brand advertising. It’s about creating awareness and starting conversation around a brand rather than looking for a hard sell.

You don’t have to make a film about socks if you’re a sock company or, make a film about beauty products if you’re a beauty company. The film can be about anything, as long as it reflects the brand values and the ideals that the brand wants to be associated with.

There are many routes you can employ to effectively promote your brand, including traditional advertising methods. Branded content simply offers a different way to leverage consumer engagement and achieve commercial objectives.


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