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Creating your perfect Commercial Video for Television

In this digital age of social platforms, online streaming and video on demand services, it would be easy to assume that advertising on commercial TV is a busted flush. However, it still very much has its place as an effective advertising platform. 

Recently, a research team found that when identical ads were placed on TV, YouTube and Facebook, TV gained the most attention with twice the active viewing of YouTube and 15 times that of Facebook. Further research showed that TV delivered better target exposure than any other medium. 

It’s fair to say that advertising on TV can still very much offer an excellent return on investment. 

You don’t need a Hollywood budget to create a high quality TV Commercial. You do need creativity and a strong concept that appeals to your target audience. This enables you to create a commercial that’s impactful and inspires people to engage with your business and brand.

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How End Frame can help with your Commercial Video Production:

The Ideas Stage
Once an understanding of your brand and objectives have been established, our creative team starts to work on idea development. It’s at this stage that all creative avenues can be explored and presented before the final creative concept is signed off.

Upon sign off, our production team start planning the logistics of the shoot. This includes organising locations, permits, casting, crewing and equipment. 
It’s essential that the process of clearing the script for compliance starts early at this stage so as to prevent any unnecessary delays (see Compliance below).
This is also the stage where storyboards and shot lists are finalised before filming commences.

Shooting commences on location, at a studio, or both, depending on the creative route chosen. We are experienced in filming worldwide with single camera, multi camera set-ups and drones. If it’s an animated film then our animators start work at the studio.

This is where the film is brought together. As well as the editing of footage, it’s during this phase that we can add any additional animation, motion graphics and sound design. Once the edit is signed off then the colour grade commences. This is where our colourist unlocks the full scope of the video footage to enhance the visuals to their maximum potential. 

Some TV adverts will need multiple versions for different markets and demographics. Whether that’s language and Voice Over changes, or text and legal requirements, we’re able to provide the expertise to ensure that everything is accounted for.

Clearcast is the agency known for clearing ads in the UK. We submit to them for checking of all TVCs against the UK Codes of Advertising (the BCAP and CAP Code.) To ease the process we remind anyone looking to create a TVC that the script should be shared with Clearcast in pre-production to avoid any nasty surprises when submitting the final film. This helps to avoid extra fees and delays to delivery.


Please get in touch to chat about any video content that we can help you with. 

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