Creative thinking and how to nurture it

Whilst meaning different things to different sectors of industry, broadly speaking, Creative Direction is about leading a creative team to create ideas and develop concepts for a project in line with a set strategy. 

That sounds extremely uninspiring and not in the least bit creative when phrased like that but! But, strip it back to its fundamentals then first and foremost it’s about ideas – and creating those are the really fun part!

All great content has a great idea at the heart of it. Often these ideas can be very simple and if we didn’t think of it then we kick ourselves, questioning how we didn’t come up with it in the first place. 

Although a great concept may be simple, it’s not always easy for people to arrive at it in the first place. And that’s the thing with creative thinking – every one of us has ideas, but not all of us know how to harness and develop them.

Creativity isn’t limited to geniuses (despite what some might say!) All of us have it within us, it sometimes just takes a recalibration in the way that we look at the world around us to rediscover that part of our brain.

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Tips to maximise creativity

Feed your inner curiosity. Curiosity is something we have in abundance as children but lessens as we get older. Be curious about the world around you, question things, allow yourself to wonder about why things are the way they are. It can be as simple as looking up on a familiar walk to work. Be curious about what’s around you that you may normally take for granted, you’ll be amazed at the new things you’ll see.

Be open minded. Being open to new experiences, to change and to new challenges are the proven traits of some of the most creative people among us. By exercising these traits we’re taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. These new experiences help expose us to different people, places and ways of thinking that stimulate our mind in new ways.

Avoid being around pessimistic people. Being challenged by others and receiving constructive criticism are an essential part of the creative process. However having ‘that’ person who is the literal wet blanket that rubbishes every idea and offers no suggestions, them, get them out of your space. 

Take a break. Often its all to easy to hit a mental block and try to overcome it by thinking about it even more. Before you know it you’re in a world of pain, overwhelmed and doubting everything that you do! In that mindset there’ll be zero creative productivity happening. Go for a walk, switch off for 15 minutes, clear your headspace – you’ll be surprised how effective this is!

Creative Directors play a key role in all projects. Our creative team has years of experience collaborating with brands and organisations on successful campaigns from start to finish. And of course, all of them abide by these tips! 


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