Live streaming has become increasingly important for businesses and brands as a means to communicate with both B2B and B2C audiences. 

Whether it’s a live broadcast for a product launch, a speaker’s event, a company announcement or interactive entertainment there’s a multitude of ways to reach people. 

The most obvious video platforms to stream through are social networks such as YouTube Live, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch .

However these aren’t the only video streaming services. Look beyond social media channels and non-public alternatives are also available.

Live streaming covid 19 music

We offer the flexibility to direct your stream in whichever way suits you, allowing you to host and share on your own live streaming platform. This gives you full control over who can view your broadcast.

The equipment we can provide is scalable in line with your production and budget. From a single camera for a small live stream event or announcement, all the way up to multiple cameras with a vision mixer and graphics. 

We can also facilitate single-camera live interviews, in which we’re able to record/stream live video to another location for you to view in real time – not necessarily for broadcasting to an audience but enabling you to work remotely. 

Post live stream, we can offer an editing service for the footage captured. This could be selected clips for social media, edited versions of the live broadcast or a simple top and tail for archiving.


Please get in touch to chat about any content that we can help you with. 

End Frame is a video production company based in London, creating a wide range of content including; 

Commercial TVC, Branded Content, Animation, Promotional videos, Corporate videos, Explainer videos and more.