Another COVID 19 Post

Coronavirus is still a daily worry, how are we handling it?

The Government have announced that Film and TV production can resume within the UK providing all involved abide by social distancing rules. We are waiting on the outcome of the industry wide consultation on filming protocols and insurance issues which is due to be resolved in the coming days before commencing any shooting.

However, in the meantime we are still set up and resourced to help you meet client requirements. We can facilitate in the following: 

1. Creative Development

Working remotely we are still able to develop ideas for new and upcoming content, whether that’s for projects that are continuing during lockdown or for getting a head start on pre-production for post lockdown projects. 

2. Animation

Graphics are a great way to communicate quickly and clearly on social media channels. Makig the impossible, possible our GFX artists are raring to go and ready to work remotely. 

3. Reversioning

Do you need different versions of one piece of content? Whether you need your content subtitled, want to give a film updated titles or new music, our online editors are on hand.

4. Stock Footage Edits

Use our extensive stock libraries to create a stunning, cinematic film that suits your message and purpose.

5. Repurposing your content

Make use of your existing content! We can breathe new life into existing footage by editing it into a fresh new film for your audience. 

6. Podcasts

We have all of the necessary tools and expertise to run podcasts remotely from various sources or we can edit existing content, podcast listening is up 52% so there’s never been a better time.

We’d love to speak about how we can help you, whether that’s over the phone or a 10mb/s connection and a cup of coffee you can get in contact here.

Stay inside, stay safe, stay creative!

– James England, Founder & Creative Director

*DISCLAIMER* We made this just before the Government announced the lifting of lockdown restrictions! However it’s still an example of some of the services we can provide and also we quite like it, so here it is! Any queries about how we can help you out – now including filming! get in touch!

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