A podcast is an episodic series of conversations or interviews that a user can download for easy listening. This can be done by utilising podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Radio Public to name but a few.

Podcasts offer unrivalled levels of engagements, with most people listening to them through their mobile phone. It’s easy to consume podcast content whether you’re in the car, commuting, out exercising or at home. 

Producing a successful pod is more than just recording a chat and uploading it, that’s the easy part. As ever – ‘content is king’ – your chosen topics, hosts, guests and conversation flow will determine the success of your podcast.  

Businesses are now seeing the potential with podcasting and how it can be effective in building brand awareness and increasing engagement. Podcasts are often listened to for 30+ minutes at a time, keeping the listener engaged for far longer than a video on social media. This kind of engagement is invaluable.  

There are easy mistakes to make for businesses looking to create podcasts. No one will want to listen to a brand heavy chat about, why their product is the best thing since sliced bread. People definitely wont want to listen to forced, trying-too-hard ‘banter’ episode after episode either. Getting the content and the tone right is absolutely essential.

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A podcast topic doesn’t have to be identical to the businesses’ products nor does it have to be a dry explainer about a service. Getting creative and thinking about less obvious tangents, related to the business is a great starting point. 

Zendium toothpaste have a highly successful podcast that has nothing to do with toothpaste. “2 minutes of Zen” is exactly as described – a two minute pod about wellness, meaning you can listen to the whole podcast whilst brushing your teeth (for the dentist recommended two minute duration) each morning.

As well as being highly creative it also shows that you don’t have to follow the crowd when coming up with ideas about formats. 

Recruitment agency, ZipRecruiter, have a pod featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs, talking about their personal story and the challenges they overcame to be where they are today. Again, not a pod about the recruitment industry but about something related to it.

Having a long term strategy is essential as it allows time for a listener base to build and grow. Releasing a couple of half hearted podcasts wont achieve anything for a business. Think long term and think creatively.



You may need assistance in creating ideas for content and coming up with an episode by episode plan. Or you may simply require a Producer to oversee recording and ensure that the conversation topics are on point. We can provide the expertise to make sure that all the content captured is in keeping with your strategic plan.


All of our equipment is portable enabling us to record at any location.
Trying to set-up and monitor the equipment necessary for high quality recording can be an unwanted distraction for your host. Our audio recordist takes care of all the technical aspects of the recording meaning that the host can focus on the guests.


This is where the editing process begins and we build your podcast. This can be as simple as undertaking any additional sound mixing or removing any extended gaps of silence or voice stumbles.
We can easily select, remove and re-order any parts of the recording as required.
For further sound design options we have access to a vast audio library enabling us to add music, jingles and stems.


We can film the recording of your podcast should you wish to share video on social media channels. Editing your podcast down for bite sized ‘highlights’ clips or the full length recording. This is a great way to extend your reach.


Please get in touch to chat about any content that we can help you with. 

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