Promotional Video Production

How Promotional Video Production can help your business

Promotional videos are a great way to show off your product to your target audience. It allows the viewer to see the product in action and understand it’s standout features or USPs.  

It’s no longer enough to just see pictures of products that we may be interested in. We want to see video, we want to see the product being used and we want to look at every possible angle of this item that we are potentially going to spend money on! 

How and where you sit a product video is dependent on your strategy. We’re able to follow your brief on the path you wish to take, or work with you from the initial stages, collaborating on different ideas and offering guidance on the suitable video routes to fulfil your objectives.

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Things to consider:

Who’s the video for?
Often the target demographic may dictate which platform the video shall sit on, this in turn shall inform how the video is constructed, so identify who you’re trying to appeal to first. 

How many videos are necessary to fulfil the objectives?
Think about the customer journey. Someone seeing your product on a social media ad may not know your brand, whereas someone visiting your website is clearly keen to understand more about your product with a view to potentially buying. At different stages of the journey, different videos may be appropriate.

In this case the social media ad would be the snapshot of the product that catches the attention of the viewer and hooks them in, making them curious to find out more. The video on the company website would be more informative, the viewer has already been hooked, at this stage they’ll want to understand more about the product and its features. 

Aesthetics and look
Think how you want your video to look. Whilst it needs to remain consistent and reflective of your brand, do certain stylistic approaches lend themselves to hitting your target demographic for this product? Also consider a real-world action look versus a virtual environment look, what suits your product better?  

What type of video best helps deliver your messaging?
This will vary depending on the product and platform(s) chosen. A traditional presenter-led product demo may be best for a product ‘A’, whereas an animated explainer may be best for product ‘B’. Also consider the optimal durations, pacing of the edit, music, graphics, on screen text – the list goes on!

Whatever your strategy, there’s an abundance of creative routes available to enable you to effectively communicate the benefits of your product and your brand. Product videos work effectively across a range of marketing channels and there’s a huge amount of platforms that they can sit on.


Please get in touch to chat about any video content that we can help you with. 

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