Why good script writing matters

For many, when we talk about scripting we naturally think about screenplays and Hollywood movies. Scriptwriting isn’t unique to fiction of course – adverts, documentaries, voice overs, explainer videos, a broadcaster reading the news – all of these are scripted and all share, one way or another, the fundamental principles of a movie script.

The purpose of scripts are to communicate with an audience – that much is obvious, however it’s not as simple as just writing down words. With a weak script you would still communicate with your audience but, you wouldn’t connect with them.

scripting script
scripting scriptwriting
scripting script

A well crafted script can invoke emotion and prompt action from a viewer. This is key when working with brands on video content to promote their product. This can be achieved by using language that is engaging (yes that much overused and often under explained word!) If you have an engaged viewer it’s because they’ve related to the content that they’re watching. 

That won’t happen through corporate speak, so the tone and prose of a script needs to be a key consideration. It has to reflect the brand’s tone of voice whilst also coming across as authentic and relatable. Without that there shall be no engagement from the viewer.

There’s many ways to leverage that utilising different approaches. Which approach depends on many factors including the targeted demographic, brand identity and the desired outcome of viewer engagement.


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