studio Production

The benefits of studio Production

Filming in a studio offers a multitude of creative options and a blank canvas when it comes to creating content for your video production.

Don’t get us wrong, location shooting is perfect for many purposes, however it often requires compromises to be made that can impact a project both creatively and monetarily.  

Unlike location shoots, studio shooting offers complete control of your environment. There’s no unexpected noise from emergency gas repairs that interferes with audio recording, there’s no waiting around for the sun to reappear from behind the clouds for visual continuity, there’s no interruptions from drivers peeping their car horns (classic), waiting for people to clear the back of shot…..you get the idea!

Maximising use of time is a big benefit. You don’t have to endlessly search for the perfect location (if it even exists!) that nearly meets the idea that you have in your head. By shooting in a studio you can create your own set to exactly match your creative vision.

Studio Production, green screen
Studio Production, camera on slider

Creatively there are no limits to what you can produce in a studio set-up. Whereas shooting in real world environments ties the viewer to reality, in a studio you can let that go and take the viewer to an alternative place. You can be as bold with your aesthetics and as abstract with your concepts as you wish.

However, utilising a studio doesn’t mean you have to be spending a fortune on building big sets with elaborate designs. 

A project may simply require shooting in a white painted studio, giving a sharp infinity look or, conversely, shooting in a dark studio, utilising lighting to create something more dramatic. Both can be straight forward set-ups but still offer high production values.

If you require some virtual dark arts then shooting in a green screen studio allows you to digitally superimpose anything you like on to the background, whether that’s for simple interviews or more complex VFX sequences.

Studios are available in varying sizes and can be used for all kinds of purposes, ensuring there’s plenty of options to suit your production. 


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