Versioning covers a wide umbrella of services but ultimately it is the process of re-editing various TVC’s (Television Commercials) for other formats, countries and playouts. If you have an existing advert that needs multiple versions created, we can take your clean master and re-edit it into newer or amended content for you.

Versioning Layers

End Frame has in-house resources to facilitate any versioning requirements that you may have, such as:

  • End Frames / Pack Shots 
    These are often a good way to update a product or packaging change, mitigating the need for an expensive re-shoot. There is also the option of updating an existing advert with the latest packaging change. By taking your artwork we can modify and create a packshot that suits your brief.


  • Cutdowns 
    These are usually an offshoot from a previous TVC, whether that’s a 10-second, 15-second or 20-second version. Creating different versions of an advert can reflect a different purpose for each of the edits.


  • Captions, Legal & Graphics
    This can be a complicated and infuriating factor when creating multiple TVCs. Updating all three can be costly if not handled properly and keeping track of them can be hard. All of these will need to be changed in order to keep them consistent and legal for playout in
    each country.


  • Voiceovers
    VOs often need to be changed during versioning. This isn’t always as straight forward as swapping one language VO with another. Different languages have different durations of speech, so this often requires further planning and amends.


  • Re-Clocking
    This is for broadcast and keeping track of content going out for broadcast. We can clock on delivery in order to save you time and keep all versions accounted for.


  • Clearcast
    Clearcast approve all advertising in the UK for broadcast, but it can be a complicated process. We can make the process easier for you by submitting your content to Clearcast on your behalf, ensuring that your advert meets the legal requirements for broadcast. 


Please get in touch to chat about any content that we can help you with. 

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