The world of Visual Effects (VFX) can be overwhelming. We’re here to help demystify it and explain how various VFX services can be used in your production.

Visual Effects in its most basic definition, refers to a digital image being created or manipulated by a VFX artist. This could be creating something that can’t be done in the real world, or altering live-action footage to enhance it.

During the production process, a VFX Producer works and liaises with the Director to give guidance on what is possible and how the desired VFX can be achieved. Depending on the complexity of the VFX, additional expertise may be required for the shoot.

When necessary a VFX Supervisor can be on-set with the Director and Cinematographer, to oversee live action shooting and ensure that the shots are satisfactory for the VFX elements to be added in post production.

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Our team can help with many VFX services such as:

Clean Up – Removal of unwanted elements in the frame. This could be objects, people or other items.

Wire removal – A technique used to remove wires that are usually put in place during filming. This could be as a safety precaution for actors during stunts, or wires that hold objects or miniatures in place for commercials.

Rotoscoping – The process of cutting out elements from the frame (usually one frame at a time) so that they can be used as a separate entity. 

Matte Painting – This can cover ‘layering up’ elements to create a new landscape that you couldn’t shoot. Or this can entail adding elements to a landscape that you would like to enhance. This can go in tandem with rotoscoping or utilising green screens / blue screens to separate the talent or product from the background that’s being replaced.

Set Extensions – A skill that often goes hand in hand with Matte Painting, set extension is exactly what it says on the tin. Extending the set beyond what was filmed to make it seem larger or longer.

Compositing – Integrating digital assets / CGI elements with live-action footage, the compositor is the last step in the VFX process, laying together all the various elements to make them appear seamless.

Beauty – Our artists are able to work on intricate beauty work whether that would be creating a clearer complexion, removing bags under the eyes or blemishes to enhance the talents natural beauty.

Titling – Creating a consistent feel to your titles in order to make sure they follow brand guidelines, from fonts, to logos, to colours to placement. 

Our post production team are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding work at our VFX studio and how you can utilise it for your production.


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