Video editing services for your production

Although sometimes overlooked, editing is a fundamental part of the storytelling process. More than just assembling shots and chopping out bad takes, editing plays a huge part in making a film successful and establishing engagement with the audience.

Editing sets the tone of the film, whether that’s by changing the pace to suit the narrative or letting the film breathe to build suspense, there’s a multitude of techniques a good editor can employ to help tell the story. 

Although there are many techniques, a hallmark of a good editor is knowing when and how to use them. The story always comes first, having the discipline to use only what’s necessary to best tell it is essential.

video editing,
video editing, premiere pro
video editing, premiere pro

Offline Editing

At End Frame our editors use a range of different NLE’S such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro as well as the rest of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and DaVinci Resolve.

Online Editing

As you move into finishing and onlining our suites are 4K ready, and are prepared for UHD, or HD workflows. We can cover a range of services from Master File creation including DCP, DPP AS11, Pro Res and MXF. We can also offer QC checks, Subtitling, Closed Captioning, Compliance and VOD files. 

Remote Approval

We offer remote approval and feedback services making it easier to collate your feedback and log your needs every step of the way.

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