Every Frame – New Film!

We had the pleasure of shooting a charming little framing shop in the middle of London. Check it out.

New work alert! We’re proud to release this project we worked on last year. On a sunny Sunday, we spent the day with Martyn Willis at the Movie Poster Art Gallery, situated in the heart of Fitzrovia. Featuring vintage original film posters, rare rock and pop promotional material, lobby cards, photographs and stills. MPAG (Movie Poster Art Gallery) have been specialist dealers in original film material for over 20 years, since their first gallery opened in London’s West End in 1997.

Martyn and his team have worked tirelessly on a multitude of posters and projects. From James Bond to Star Wars including curating movie poster exhibitions for venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. Martyn shows the processes and skills required to restore neglected vintage posters back to their former glory and reflects on how a chance trip to the cinema as a child sparked a fascination with movie posters that would dictate the path that the rest of his life would take.

It was a pleasure to be able to gain an insight into the craftsmanship involved with poster restoration and also to understand the discipline involved in ensuring the restoration remains faithful to the original artwork through minimum intervention. 

“Every poster is unique, each one is treated as a different work of art, the posters need to reflect an element of their time, the life they’ve lived. You’re preserving something for future generations to see.”

Martyn and the team offer a range of services for all your restoration and framing needs check The Movie Picture Art Gallery out.